Do You Want This Condom Back?

Does anyone else think this is a bit creepy???

Taking a quick writing break to share….

creep1There are some younger college kids who live upstairs from us. I see them at the mailboxes or getting into their car which is in the reserved space next to ours. But I’ve never had full on conversations with them. None of our neighbors around here stay very long.

Anyway, I had a knock on the door. I’m writing so just in an oversized T-shirt and pajama bottoms. Okay, look through the peephole – see it’s one of the girls and one of the guys from upstairs.

They ask me in very embarrassed and broken speech, while not looking me in the eye, if I have any condoms they could borrow. Then they hurriedly assure me that they aren’t for use with each other…LOL! They said they figured since I have a son about their age that we might have some. They said they saw him leave earlier or they would’ve asked him.


They told me they hoped they hadn’t embarrassed ME by asking. I laughed!!

I told them that while it was a bit odd since we hadn’t ever spoken, I have bought quite a few boxes of those in my day. And that if I could find some I definitely didn’t want them back (since they had asked to BORROW) LOL…


But then the couple right across from me came home and they know them MUCH better, and they gifted them with two whole boxes!


And on that note – back to writing!!

One response to “Do You Want This Condom Back?

  1. Okay. That IS weird — but hilarious. Um … they were asking for condoms but they weren’t for them? LOL Thanks for sharing.

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