50 Shades of Sex Against the Wall

50-shades-headerKidlet is working at the theater tonight. Yup – poor kid, 2nd night of Fifty Shades of Grey release and he’s in box office. He said it’s insane.

Apparently the security guards just caught a couple having sex up against one of the outside walls after getting out of their movie…snerk!

“Happy Valentine’s Day, dear. Do you think the kids will put up our bail?”

Reminds me of the days when I worked as a Manager for Lowe’s Theatres. Yeah – caught quite a few people getting busy, but usually in the back row of seats while the movie was going on and even once in a stall in the bathroom – at 7pm on a busy Saturday night when Jurassic Park opened!!! Really??? Not where you’d go for some privacy! Snerk!

Ahhh, fun…. smile emoticon

So curled up with the cats on the couch and watching some TV smile emoticon Waiting for dinner and Dayquil to kick in so I can get rid of this headache!!

Would love to get some reading done later on before bed smile emoticon

A full writing day planned for tomorrow!


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