I’m back!

A huge thanks to Frauke at Croco Designs for updating all the backend stuff on both my websites and getting me back up and moving again.  I’d given up trying to blog on here since my formatting was extremely wonky, no matter what I tried.

But now…I’m back! :)

So before I need to run off to work and caffeinate the masses, let me catch everyone up on my writing life (in case you don’t follow me on Twitter and Facebook yet) :)

I just turned in Galley checks for Seducing the Succubus, which will release on October 5th and is currently available for pre order.  It’s the first in my Sisters of Darkness series with Berkley, and I promise I’ll get an excerpt up on my site very soon!

The Demon and the Succubus, Book 2 in the series is with my editor and I should be seeing edits on that very soon.  It isn’t set for release until April 2011, so we’ve still got some time.  But hopefully soon I’ll have a cover to post so everyone can see.

I’m currently writing Book 3, which is tentatively titled Taming the Succubus.  No release date set on that one yet or on Book 4, which as of yet has not even a working title, but does have a simple idea/plot from the proposal and synopsis!

Let’s see…other than that, there are a few projects with my agent that I’m waiting to hear back on, and Into a Dangerous Mind, Stone Maiden & Fire Maiden are currently being translated into Bahasa Indonesian.  So if you’ve been dying to see some kick ass gargoyles or a creepy psychic serial killer in Bahasa Indonesian – your lucky day is coming! :)  I’m just excited that these books will get some more play.  I really love those worlds and hope to some day have time/opportunity to finish the Maiden series.  Dara & Odeda want their stories told as well!

Also, I’m currently booking slots for a blog tour to celebrate the October 5th release of Seducing the Succubus, so if you have a blog and are looking to fill some slots, or if you’re a fan and have a blog you love that you’d like me to see if I can guest blog on – drop me a line!

Anyway, must go change into my superhero…er…Starbucks garb and head off to earn my health insurance :)

Hope everyone is having a terrific Sunday!

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