Did my IQ shrink?

In school I was one of those goodie-goody kids who got good grades, did all my homework, never cut class and was a total and complete band geek. So, band geeky, in fact, I was voted Most Talented Senior Girl.


So it’s a bit odd and nostalgic to watch my son go through high school kind of the same way. He’s not quite as gung ho in band as I was-I mean, I practiced during lunch hours and HAD to be first chair in every competition. The kiddo is actually just enjoying being in band for the sake of being part of the group. Besides that he’s even good at the subjects I wasn’t. We’re both good at English and History, but kiddo is actually good at Geometry and Chemistry that I had to study my ass off to get by in.


It was no surprise to me that he’s in several honors classes this year and that he’s thriving. But he’s also going through the inevitable culture shock about the increased amount of homework in Honors classes as opposed to the regular classes he was in last year. So, tonight when he brought home a huge-and I do mean HUGE–workbook packet for history that is due tomorrow, and needed to be done either before or after his several hours of marching rehearsal, I figured I’d be there for moral support. No, I didn’t do his work for him, just sat with him as he talked through it.


Honors World History and Geography-no problem. That was one of my favorite subjects and I’m a pretty educated woman.




~Insert laugh track here~


After watching him work through his 16 sets of exercises around the locations of different countries/cities/towns around the world I feel like a total and complete idiot…lol. And I have a bad, sneaking suspicion that if I had to take that class with him – I’d be begging him to tutor me.


Although I must admit it was something of a bonding experience for the two of us. While he was pouring over maps on the computer and we were searching for names and locations of countries, there were discussions like:

Me: “Isn’t it above Italy?”

Him: “Italy is the boot. I don’t see Switzerland above it. Are you sure?”

Me: Yeah, go above the boot, then up past the thigh-and it’s sort of the ‘crotch’.” Him: (with uncontrollable laughter) “Damn, it is the crotch! Thanks, Mom. I’ll never forget where Switzerland is again!”



By the time we got to the Asian pacific my knowledge wasn’t holding up very well, and when we moved onto Central America I was way out of my league. And you know what’s worse? This is only the third week of school!!


I can’t help but cringe thinking about how much I’ll realize I don’t remember by mid year!


Has anyone else out there experienced this phenomenon? Or should I just not offer to be moral support with homework anymore for my own good? :)

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