What are your favorite blogs/websites?

Hi everyone!  I’m trying to get back into a groove of regular blogging again now that the holidays are past and 2009 has hit the ground running.

For me the past few months have been a crazy conglomeration of reconnecting with old friends, losing touch with others, emotional roller coasters as life throws curve balls both good and bad, as well as just the normal pieces of living.  But I’m grateful for the experiences, and hope those whose lives I’ve touched along the way feel the same.  :)

And after all that, I wasn’t in the mood to do a “deep” blog today, but instead thought we’d do something fun.

A friend had recently asked me for any websites or blogs that I had found were a great way to kill time or procrastinate.  When I sent her some back, she’d already decided not to do that blog and do something else…so…waste not, want not…lol…can you say blog idea?

So here are a few I’ve found – feel free to add any fun ones you have!!

And remember!  2009 can be whatever you make of it!  So make it the best you can :)


Funny or Die – Thanks to Phil for this really funny video about Prop 8.   There are a lot of really fun celebrity sightings in here that will make you smile.

Isabella Clayton – She just posted this today, where you can ask questions about seeing sprits.  Go check it out!

The Goatlocker – Thanks again to Phil for passing me this one.  It’s a great website about CPO/Navy information.  My grandfather was a SeeBee in the Navy, and I also have very fond memories of someone from my past who is now a Senior Cheif in the Navy, so I’ve always been fascinated by this kind of stuff.  :)

The Butterscotch Martini Girls blog – This is my critique group blog.  If you dig through the archives you’ll read about some of my most embarassing moments as well as some of my celebrations and etc.  Very funny reading by all the ladies :)   I’m still cringing over the underwear incident where Kayce blogged about my blunder.

Isabella Clayton – This one had me totally cracking up.  Another installment from Isabella Clayton about Have you landscaped your Betty today? If you don’t know what a “Betty” is, let’s just say it’s below your navel and above your thighs…lol.

Brit Blaise  – Brit is one of my favorite bloggers.  This woman always has something interesting and fun going on over at her blog.  But one last week gave me the creeps – Have you ever met a killer?

What’s in your nightstand drawer? was an interesting blog concept, too :)   I think I’m too afraid my son would stumble on my list on the blog and be scarred for life, so I’ll just lurk and see everyone else’s lists :)

Sapphire Blue Bombshells Blog.  These are the authors from Sapphire Blue Publishing and they have some Guys with Guns days that are VERY yummy, as well as some other great topics.

Much Cheaper than Therapy is a blog by some local romance writers, and the blog has gained quite a huge following.  You can find great topics there nearly every day.

I am Bored –   I got this one from my son.  There are some funny quizzes and all kinds of ways to kill time in there.

Darcylicious.com – For any of you Matthew MacFadyen fans out there – this is the site for you!  Let’s just say Matthew tends to inspire fantasies for many women no matter what movie or play he’s in, and this site will definitely fuel more :)

So do you have any to share?  We’d love to see them!!

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