The Wrigley Mansion

Tonight is the Desert Rose Chapter of Romance Writers of America‘s annual Membership Appreciation dinner.

Each year the dinner is at a different very nice location and involves a sit down dinner, entertainment, awards and a great evening. This year, however, I’m extra excited to go.

I’ve lived in Arizona almost my entire life. We moved here when I was very young and after college I moved away to Texas for about ten years. But Arizona is the place I consider home. And as a little girl, I remember seeing a mansion perched up on a hill that we would drive by and I always wanted to go inside. Of course, I thought it was a castle and imagined some type of royalty living there in the pretty building surrounded by large saguaro cacti.

As I got older, I found out it was called the Wrigley Mansion, built by Chewing Gum Magnate, William Wrigley, Jr. in 1932. It’s mostly used for weddings, large meetings and posh corporate events, so even as long as I’ve lived here, I’ve never been inside.

So, like I said, I’m excited about tonight! And, of course, I just went out to their website to link it and found out that they have a happy hour Friday and Saturday nights and a great Sunday brunch!! So, all this time, I could’ve gone without waiting for an event. LOL. Things that make you go, hmmm. Oh well, still excited about tonight! I’ll have to let you know how it goes.

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