Mental Health Day…

I’ve been really horrible lately at taking days off.  I think that’s one of the greater dangers of being self-employed.  It’s so easy to work all day every day and forget that your body still needs recharge time.

Earlier in the week I had what my friend calls a “Done Mode”  I wasn’t accomplishing anything and I wasn’t happy with anything, so I went on strike.  I took Monday night and all day Tuesday off and didn’t even open my laptop or look at anything remotely work-related during that time frame.  I know lots of people think that writing isn’t something people need time off from, but that would be a very wrong assumption.

Anyway, after my time off, I couldn’t believe how much easier everything flowed and how much LESS things bothered me.  So, I’ve made a resolution–yes, I know it’s nowhere near New Years…lol.

What is this stellar resolution?  To take Sundays off.  And today was the first Sunday I’ve put it into practice.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve opened my laptop all day and I’ve spent a nice lazy day with the family, reading, and watching Matthew MacFadyen movies, and the new episode of Doctor Who.  I’ll admit, I did have to do a quick grocery shopping trip and I’m doing laundry, but hey–the world doesn’t stop entirely, right? :)   But what can I say…I’m sure watching some episodes of Spooks with Matthew MacFadyen will cheer me up past all of those “duties”.

And I have to admit, I’m feeling much better from my totally relaxed and lazy day.   So I think Sundays off are here to stay!

Here’s a pic of Matthew, just for fun…


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