Midnight Thoughts…

It’s midnight here in Arizona, and I’m up watching one of my absolute favorite movies of all time — Pride & Prejudice.  This is the one with Kiera Knightly and Matthew MacFadyen.  And I’m also doing some due diligence that’s long overdue.  What do I mean by that?

I’m Googling myself…lol.

You may think that’s a bit off the wall, but actually, it’s something all authors should do periodically.  And since I write under two pen names, I have to do it for both.  Why?  First, you can find new reviews, fans, great buzz on your books as well as places that have old blog links, incorrect information , or readers/bookstores searching for information on your books.

I have to admit, it’s been a while since I Googled Tina, and boy did I find a lot of things to address.  Eight websites still have my old Bravenet blog that I haven’t used for about a year, there are readers who are out looking for Into a Dangerous Mind (since that pub went under, I have the rights back to that story), and who are looking for Ice Maiden (same as Into a Dangerous Mind).

There’s also some girl by that same name who lives in California who got busted for selling drugs, and that pops every single time I Google myself.  I really hope my readers don’t think that was me!!  But as high as it comes up in the rankings, I’m afraid it probably gets more hits than I’d like.  Very ironic since I’m one of those rare children of the eighties who never did or even saw any drugs at all.  The girl who actually did sell the crack is probably wondering why the link to her trial story is so high in rankings since 99% of the rest of the Google hits on that name are about me.  But I do share the name with an administrative assistant, a young girl on the honor roll at her school…and, of course, the drug dealer…lol.

Anyway, I’ll have to find another night this week to Google Cassie and see what nefarious things her dopplegangers are up to!

On that note, I’m of to watch the end of Pride & Prejudice where the very delectable Matthew MacFadyen says, “You’ve bewitched me body and soul, and I love…I love…I love you, and never wish to be parted from you from this day onward.”  That always brings a sigh and a smile :)   The fight scene of the first proposal is a favorite of mine as well as the end confrontation with Lady Catherine.  But those have already passed.

Night all!

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