I just received a smokin’ review for Vision of Seduction!!

I just received a smoking review for Vision of Seduction!  :)

Check this out –

VISION OF SEDUCTION is a no-holds barred erotic adventure.  Katelyn has learned through experience not to trust or depend on anyone.  That she finds herself leaning on and caring for Grayson throws her off as much as events to which she is suddenly being exposed.  While she has never been a prude, Katelyn is alternately embarrassed and turned on by the sensual openness of Tador.  Grayson is shocked to find that he has emotions he never could have imagined.  Possessiveness, jealousy, and love are as new to him as his way of life is to Katelyn.  A wide variety of sexual encounters should be expected by the reader, including same sex unions, various group encounters, and an extreme BDSM session that is not for the squeamish or sensitive.  The sexuality is all within the context of both the story and characters, providing insight into the Klatch and the Cunts’ philosophical leanings.  Strong writing and lots of action will keep the reader engaged.  VISION OF SEDUCTION is recommended for those who like their erotica raw and edgy.

–Jennell, RRTErotic

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