4 Star Review from Romantic Times!!

I’m doing a happy dance!

Vision of Seduction, which releases on July 29th, just received a 4 Star Review from Romantic Times Booklover’s Magazine!

Here’s the review:

Ryan has built a marvelously detailed world of congenial, sensual people populating a warm, symbiotic planet. Alpha Grayson is just the right match for beautiful, spirited Katelyn. Scorching-hot sex scenes leave nothing to the imagination. This is great summer escapist read.

Summary: Seer Katelyn Hunt isn’t sure what to make of the mysterious, sexy gentleman who’s been recently frequenting her New Age shop. But when a small army of men attacks the store, she loses consciousness and awakens on another planet, one that feels oddly familiar.Prince Grayson de Klatch believes he’s found the seer who will help save his beloved home of Tador, a planet that is rejuvenated by sexual energy. In finding her, he also believes he’s found his life mate. But will Katelyn remain on Tador once she realizes why Grayson brought her there? What’s more, will she forgive him? (Aphrodisia, Aug., 256 pp., $12.95)

—Bella March

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