Ahh Monday…

I used to dread Mondays back when I worked in Corporate America.  In fact, I dreaded them so much, I would sometimes literally make myself sick with stress on Sunday because I knew Monday was coming.

I’m sooooo glad that’s a thing of the past.  Don’t get me wrong, I do now and then miss the steady paycheck of the non self-employed and I regularly miss the health care benefits any time we have to go to the doctor, but I’m happier overall and that’s more important than those things!

Anyway, since I’m not going to RWA Nationals this year, my husband offered to let me horn in on his upcoming business trip to New York in a few weeks so I can still meet with my editor and agent this year.

I’m pretty excited about the trip.  I really do like those one on one pow wow sessions with Audrey and Paige and I can really get a feel for how my books are doing, where my career is going and all the rest.  But I’m also excited because I get to go to New York!

I haven’t been out there since I was sixteen-years-old.  I was going on the American Musical Ambassadors band tour and we all met up in New York before we flew off to visit thirteen different countries and play concerts there.  It was an amazing trip, but you can imagine we were under heavy supervision and didn’t get to see much of New York.  So, while the hubby is off working and when I’m not meeting with Paige and Audrey I plan on seeing the sites!

We are staying at a hotel right across from Central Park and I definitely want to do the boat tour around the island so I can see the Statue of Liberty and all of that, not to mention see Central Park itself and Times Square and anything else I can shove into a very short two days.  I’ll also have the evening and night that I fly in, but that won’t leave much time for much beyond making it to the hotel, dinner and getting used to the three hour time change.

Does anyone have any suggestions for great things to do around where I’ll be staying?

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