On Friday, my friend Kathy and I headed down to Tombstone, Arizona.  I was scheduled to speak at the Cochise County Sister’s in Crime in Sierra Vista on Saturday, and since it’s a three and a half hour drive down there, we figured we’d go down on Friday and get a hotel room.

I hadn’t been to Tombstone that I remember.  And now I really want to take my son and husband back.  That place is a fascinating slice of history.  For those of you saying, “What the heck is Tombstone?”  It’s the small town in Southern Arizona, almost to Mexico, where a boom mining town sprung up and then the infamous Earp brothers came to town.  It’s got much more history than that, but that’s really what it’s known for world-wide.  Amazing isn’t it?  A thirty second gun fight that inks them all into history…lol!  And the town was only thriving for about eight years before it became something of a ghost town and the last few residents decided to turn market it to tourists.

We visited Boot Hill, which was the cemetery just outside of town where the Clanton and McLeary brothers were buried after the shootout at the OK Corrall with Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Morgan and Virgil Earp.  We also visited the Bird Cage–which if you’ve ever seen Tombstone, the movie–it’s the dance hall where they go to watch the performance that Dana Delaney gives.  However, those upper boxes where the Earps sat in the movie–those are actually the little boxes where you could rent a “soiled dove” and a bottle of whiskey for the entire night for $25!

Apparently, the Bird Cage was sold to someone else after it closed down and they closed it up without moving or removing anything inside.  There are still full barrels of  bourbon and whiskey downstairs in the basement.  I’m thinking those would be VERY smooth by now…lol.

We did walk around to some of the shops, had lunch at Big Nose Kate’s saloon and dinner at the Longhorn–which were both excellent.

I really want to go back so we can see Wyatt Earp’s house, see the OK Corral and take the stagecoach or trolley tour around town, along with several other things.

Anyway, the actual purpose of my trip was to speak at the Sisters in Crime–which I did on Saturday.  We had a crowd of about fifteen, and my talk went really well.  Aka–no one threw anything at me, and several people told me they got some great information out of my talk.  :)   That’s always great to hear!  I spoke from 10-1 and then Kathy and I headed back over to Tombstone for some lunch before heading back up to Phoenix.

A great trip, and one I hope to repeat soon!

As for today, I’m off to write.  Lost a few days to the trip, so my characters are jumpy inside my head and dying to get working :)

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