High Tea and Plotting


Yesterday I ventured out to a great local resort for High Tea with Cheyenne McCray, Isabella Clayton & Jordan Summers. I had never been to a high tea, so it was quite an experience. I LOVE hot tea, so that part wasn’t a hardship at all. We each ordered a different kind and tried each other’s flavor’s, too. I think the Black Currant was my favorite :)

They brought us champagne and then started the food. There were three courses, the first was little finger sandwiches of different types. After dodging a bullet by figuring out one of them had cilantro in it (I’m allergic) and spitting that one out discretely, I did enjoy all the other kinds. Then came scones with clotted cream, strawberry jam and some kind of lemon stuff. Very yummy. And there were eight different kinds of bite-sized desserts. Of course we had to try them all, so we were in something of a sugar coma by the time we were done, but what a wonderful time we had :)

The opportunity to hang out with other writers is always a treat. Writing is such a solitary endeavor, that sometimes we crave spending time with someone else who understands all the complexities and conundrums associated with this line of work. Not that we only talked about work, either–topics across the spectrum were the order of the day, and I’m sure the waitress was being thoroughly entertained by us. Anyway, we plan to do another high tea in the fall. Can’t wait!

Today I have an appointment and then have to get some major writing done! I leave for Sierra Vista in the morning to speak at the Sisters In Crime chapter on Saturday. But my friend Kathy and I are heading down to Tombstone, Arizona tomorrow to take in some history, and who knows–a possible future book location!

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