So many people told me that it wasn’t too bad and that I would like it.  And silly, me, I finally gave in and rented 1408.

Now let me preface this by saying that I do NOT watch horror movies.  I’m the world’s biggest wimp and even jump at the smallest surprises in non horror flicks.  In fact, the last horror movie I willingly watched was Pet Cemetery in college with a boyfriend.  And you can bet that I spent the night at his apartment that night.  After all, I had warned him that I sucked at watching horror movies, so the poor guy had to deal with me jumping at shadows all night and my freaky nightmares.

So, I guess I’m not too bright because fast forward twenty years and I let my son convince me that we could watch it together and I would be fine.  After all, he watches horror flicks all the time and loves them.

Uh huh.  Right.

As soon as John Cuzack checks into 1408, every muscle in my body tensed up so tight I thought they might snap, and I jumped at every small thing.  Then my stomach started roiling, and I was lightheaded and very nearly sick to my stomach.

Yup–I’m back here again.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Now that it’s done, I can say objectively that it was a good movie.  I love John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.

Does that mean I will ever watch it again, now that I know what happens?

No way in hell.

Watching these things physically makes me sick.  I just get too sucked in.  I think part of what enables me to write stories and live inside my mind for long stretches, also makes me very susceptible to getting sucked into movies, stories and etc.  Going in, they ask you to suspend disbelief, and I’m a wide-open audience in that respect.

Maybe I’ll be smart and not get talked into this for another twenty years…  Cross your fingers for me, will ya?

Anyone else have a problem with these, or am I an island?

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