I’m baaaack…

I got back from conference yesterday afternoon and sat like a big lump on my couch until I went to bed early.  The conference was amazing, but from Thursday at 3pm when I arrived to yesterday afternoon at around noon, I was running non stop.  Which is totally and completely normal, but always requires some recovery time.  :)   But after a good night’s sleep, I’m inspired, excited to get back to writing and ready to rock, so all is good!

Desert Dreams was a terrific conference, and I do have a few pictures that I’ll get up on the site within the next few days–including a really great picture of my sister, Amy, and Sherrilyn Kenyon.  If you are looking for a smaller (250 people), intimate conference–you just missed an amazing one!  The next Desert Dreams will be held in April 2010.  And Sherrilyn’s dinner talk was AMAZING and the most inspirational speech I’ve heard in a very long time.  But take heart, even if you missed the conference, you can buy the tapes at VW Tapes.  There’s some great stuff on there!!

I was really excited to be asked to be on two panels with Cheyenne McCray, Jennifer Ashley and Eden Robins, on World Building and on Writing Without a Net – how to write and not live on cat food and top ramen.  I also gave my own talk, which was on I’m Back From Conference:  Now What Do I Do? which I got some great feedback on :)   I really enjoy speaking and volunteering, but I will definitely be listening to the tapes to hear everyone else that I missed.

On a more current note, I came home from my morning writing session at my favorite Starbucks and found my galleys for Vision of Seduction sitting by my front door.  The book is due out August 1st, so this is the last time I get to read through it and make sure all the little kinks are worked out before it goes to print.  So, I’ve already started reading through it and made it to page 50 before I realized I forgot to blog…so here I am!  LOL

I hope everyone is having a great day.  Does anyone have any great stuff going on during their Monday?

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