Off to Desert Dreams Conference!

As soon as I post this, I’m off to the Desert Dreams conference in Chandler, AZ.  If you would like some signed Cassie (Ceremony of Seduction) or Tina books (Stone Maiden, Fire Maiden or Warriors Gone Wild), the book signing is open to the public.  Just follow the link on Desert Dreams for more information.

As usually happens before a conference, I didn’t quite get everything done I wanted to.  So, if you’re coming from my Cassie site, the new site is up, but I didn’t quite get all the content updated.  There’s a list of things still to be done on the front page of the site.  I’ll get to those next week, just gotta find time to get with my webmaster to figure out how to do some of them! :)   But one of them is that you don’t have a link from this page to get back to the Cassie site, other than clicking on the word Cassie.  Sorry!  It’s on the main template and not on my content management utility, so that will have to wait for the web master, too.

Anyway, when I get back, I’ll get all those things taken care of, and, hopefully, have some great pictures from the Desert Dreams conference, and then I can start freaking out over how I’m going to get ready for RT!  LOL.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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