Thursday Thirteen – 23rd Edition

Thirteen Things about Tina Gerow

– 13 Things My Husband Does that Make Me Smile –

1. When he calls on the way home and offers to bring me Starbucks.

2. When he stops me in the hallway and gives me a hug just because.

3. I know he feels bad because he doesn’t always remember to do cards, gifts etc. But when he does do them, they are special. Every now and then he will show up with flowers, candy, a stuffed animal, something small he picked up because he thought it would make me smile or leaves me a sweet note – and it’s uncanny, it usually happens just when I need it. :)

4. When I overhear him telling his friends that he doesn’t have that problem when they are all complaining about how their wives don’t let them go out with the guys or want them to do every single thing together, or complain that the guys’ jobs take too much of their time.

5. When I get up in the morning to find he and my son on the couch in their jammies watching cartoons and hanging out.

6. When he goes to Peter Piper Pizza and makes it his personal mission to earn more tickets than all the kids.

7. When he takes care of me when I’m sick – even when I’m whiney and miserable.

8. When he argues with the TV when he doesn’t agree with what is being said.

9. When he not only spoils our cats, but feeds and pets the three that often visit our back yard.

10. When he tells me I’m beautiful even with slept on hair, no makeup a t-shirt and grubby jeans.

11. When he puts his hand on the small of my back when we are walking side by side.

12. When he rubs my shoulders without me asking, when I’m stressed out or upset.

13. When he stands up for me without being too overprotective. :)

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