Thursday Thirteen – 22nd Edition


Thirteen Things about Tina Gerow

– 13 of My Favorite Ways to Procrastinate Instead of Write –

1. Websurfing!! By far, the most popular.

2. Reading. Yup – I’m a book-a-holic

3. Dropping by to chat with a friend.

4. Checking email.

5. Going to drive through Starbucks for a last minute chai tea latte!

6. Exercising. Scary that I use it as procrastination, isn’t it? LOL

7. Working on taxes. (yeah, I know, that’s what I should be procrastinating FROM, but oh well.)

8. Watching bad TV programs.

9. Starting another story.

10. Nap!

11. Figure out what to make for dinner

12. Go to a bookstore.

13. Last resort – dishes!

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