Positive Energy Abounds

I was dragging hard all day and struggling to even be coherent, let alone alert.  In fact, at around 5ish I was debating the merits of chugging a few Monster drinks or Red Bulls with the downside of being jumpy through my talk and possibly awake until 4am…lol.

However, tonight I spoke at my local Valley of the Sun Romance Writers chapter.  This is the third year I was asked to do my Goal Setting:  How Do I Get There From Here talk.  In fact, I’m giving that same talk three times this month at West Valley Authors on Thursday and at Desert Rose Romance Writers on the last Tuesday of the month.  Since some of these poor souls have heard this for three years running, I updated my talk and blended hard goal planning skills with motivation, positive thinking (a big dose of The Secret), affirmations and persistence.

I have to admit, when I got to the meeting, I was still dragging, my head and stomach were killing me and I was seriously questioning my ability to motivate anyone since I felt like my own mental and spiritual batteries were dangerously low.  However, I hung in there and hoped for the best.

I handed back the goal cards that people wrote their 2007 goals on last year at the talk and handed out a blank one to write their 2008 goals on.  The talk started with my own publishing story (which has definitely been a roller coaster…lol) and then moved on to their story – aka – it can be whatever they want it to be.  Throughout the talk, I started to feel better and better.

Seriously, so much positive energy was buzzing around that room I felt as if I had just walked out of a winning football game or a Celebrate Your Life conference.  Several people told me how much they enjoyed the talk, or that it spoke to them, which was great.  But just like every time I give a talk that really resonates with the crowd, I was more excited that it made a difference to those listening that to be “proud” I gave a good talk.

I drove home smiling and feeling on top of the world, and the feeling continues to linger. :)   That’s one of the reasons I love teaching and speaking.  It’s that undefinable bliss that you’re left with when things go well.

Has anyone else experienced this, or am I strange?  (Well, you know what I mean…lol!)

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