My funny morning at Starbucks…

I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks with Triangle of Seduction, the third Cassie Ryan book for Kensington.  I know the general overview of what needs to happen in the story, and I was forcing my butt into the chair to write nearly every day, but I just couldn’t seem to get inside the story, if you know what I mean.  Words were flowing onto the page, but they didn’t have a lot of life, and I couldn’t lose myself inside my imagination like I usually can when I write.  So, I figured I needed a break.  However, a break from the story wasn’t going to help – I was already feeling very disconnected from it.  So, yesterday I went back to the beginning and started reading through.

It was nice to see that what I had written wasn’t total crap, and I was able to do some edits, fix some inconsistencies and really get myself back inside the story.  And when I ended my writing session yesterday, I may have only had 750 words of forward progress to show for it, but I felt like I was part of my story again!  Talk about relief!

Last night, I dreamed about my story – another good sign.  I dreamed some plot points and some plot twists that will definitely come into play later in the book, and some that will help me shape and improve on what I’ve already written.  So, when I jumped into the shower this morning, it was with my characters and scenes running through my head.  By the time I got to Starbucks and sat down with my Chai Tea Latte, the story was spilling out of my brain so fast that I put on my headphones but forgot to push play on my iPOD.

I picked up from where I had left off reading yesterday and realized that I needed a much better sex scene between Sela, the Queen of the rival witch clan and her consort, Aedan.  So, I made a scene break, pushed the text down and started writing this new scene.

Now, let me preface this with the fact that Sela is a ball-busting bitch who takes crap from no one – let alone a man.  But her dirty little secret is that she likes to be sexually dominated.  So, this sex scene is kinky, dominating and dirty, not to mention extremely hot.  I had it in my head – and I put myself in Aedan’s POV – the one doing the dominating, and I became Aedan for a while.  (Those of you familiar with my writing style know I’ll go back later and read it with an eye toward being Sela and make sure her reactions are correct, but for now – I was Aedan enjoying dominating this very strong and stubborn woman who likes being pushed beyond her own boundaries.)

It was one of those glorious writing sessions where I was in the zone, and totally steeped in my story.  I lost myself in the scene and I WAS my characters.  Words flowed onto the page and OMG it was getting steamy and hot in Starbucks!  I don’t know about other writers, but if I’m not getting hot and bothered while writing a sex scene, I’m just not doing it right!

Anyway, right as the scene finished and I started typing the last sentence, I heard a gasp from over my shoulder.  (I’m sitting in the big comfy chairs and there are tables and chairs behind me…)  I turn around and a very red-faced woman apologizes profusely.  She said she glanced over and couldn’t help but see my first few sentences of the scene and then she just couldn’t help but read it.  She couldn’t quite look me in the eye, but asked where she could get the book…LOL!  I gave her a bookmark for CEREMONY OF SEDUCTION, and told her it was the first in the trilogy and what she just read was in the third book, but she said she was going to go to Barnes and Noble on the way home and pick it up!

Talk about pulling me out of the scene, but I guess I don’t have to ask if the scene worked or was too over the top or not…lol.  Gotta love instant feedback.  Anyway, I ended up giving out a few more bookmarks to people at close-by tables who had heard the exchange, and then figured it was a good time to head home for lunch.

Now sitting here, I’m kind of embarassed after the fact, I mean, I had no idea someone was reading over my shoulder.  I love it when people read my books, but reading while I type is too much pressure, ya know?  Glad I didn’t know about it because my scene might not have flowed so well :)

Has anyone else had anything similar happen to them?

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