Thursday Thirteen – 20th Edition


Thirteen Things about Tina Gerow

– 13 Creative Ways to Celebrate New Years –

1. Have a regifting party – or even a White Elephant Gift Exchange game party to get rid of all of those unwanted holiday presents.

2. Tailgate in a parking lot near a busy corner and watch the police award all the new DUI’s.

3. Have a party and set all your clocks forward by a few hours. Kick everyone out at “midnight thirty” and see how many catch on.

4. Crash the party of someone you don’t know and talk to everyone like you’ve known them forever, while drinking all their liquor.

5. Crash a party of someone you don’t know and every time you introduce yourself use a different name, profession and “friend” who invited you to the party.

6. Throw a party and drop into conversation how you had a psychic reading that told you everyone miscalculated the end of the world and it’s really at the end of 2007. Then at midnight have a friend turn off the breaker and play sounds on the roof that mimic bombs dropping.

7. Crash a party wearing a white T-Shirt and carrying a Sharpie pen. Tell everyone that anyone who kisses you gets to sign your shirt. For some inexplicable reason, that legitimizes it to drunk people.

8. Set up a roadside stand at the end of your subdivision selling spiked lemonade. Start the new year making some $$.

9. Invite a friend none of your friends and family have ever met to a party, and when you introduce him/her, keep telling the person you are speaking to all the funny stories you “remember” about the two of them. Half of them won’t admit to not knowing the person and if they are drunk enough, they may “remember” with you.

10. Make a big blender full of mudslides and gather around the police scanner laughing at all the people whose insurance will be going up in 2008.

11. On December 31st, see how many people you can convince that it’s December 30th.

12. On January 1st, see how many people you can convince that it’s January 2nd.

13. Or you can curl up with a nice spiked hot chocolate and either a Tina Gerow book or a Cassie Ryan book! LOL!

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