Happy Holidays!

Whether you celebrate Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas or something else entirely – I hope you have a terrific one!  It’s funny that there is so much expectation around this time of year.  Everyone has a preconceived notion of how everyone else should celebrate their chosen holiday.  But why?  Aren’t the holidays about enjoying time with your family and reflecting on all the things you are grateful for?  So, who is to say one holiday tradition is better than any other?

Yes, I guess I’m a rebel, and yes, I’ve been told so by many…lol.  I just smile and ignore their well-meaning advice on the subject.

Yesterday we celebrated our 2nd annual Arizona family Holiday–one we started last year because we didn’t enjoy celebrating how we were “expected” to and we came out of this time of year more stressed than we went in.  So, we finally drew the line and said enough!

My sister, brother-in-law and niece came over in the afternoon and we opened presents and went to Boston Market for lunch.  (Hey – no dishes and yummy food!) :)   We concentrated on a few toys each for the kids that they would like and very minimal stuff for the adults.  No huge shopping sprees which we will regret once the bills come in!  My son’s best friend came over and the boys got hooked on playing Pirates of the Carribean Stratego and then Sims 2 for Playstation.  And by “the boys,” I do mean all of them, kids and adults included…LOL!  My niece was playing with her shapes cube where you match the shape to the hole and drop it in, in between chasing the cats and trying to kiss and hug them.

Once my sister left to go do the traditional Christmas Eve/Santa stuff, I cooked Asian chicken and noodle skillet, and some steamed brussel sprouts (hey – no laughing – it was good and YES I actually cooked!  See, doing Pampered Chef on the side has improved my cooking skills…lol.)  We ate and watched Mel Brooks movies (History of the World and Robin Hood Men in Tights :) and laughed together for a few hours before we headed out back to light the fire pit and roast marshmallows and make smores under the full moon.  We got a few great pictures of marshmallow roasting, but I didn’t get them from the hubby in time to put them up on the blog.

It was the most fun and the most stress free holiday I’ve had and we all had a good time just being together, which is what it’s all about.

Today we are heading to my hubby’s family for the somewhat more traditional Christmas Day.  (Somewhat, because they are a Jewish family who still gets together and eats and hangs out and exchanges Christmas presents…lol)

Here’s hoping everyone has a terrific day doing whatever it is you want – NOT just what you’re expected to do :)

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