Thursday Thirteen – 19th Edition

Thirteen Things about Tina Gerow

– 13 Things On My To Do List –

1. Finish Triangle of Seduction before the end of the year! (And I’m behind! EEK!)

2. Clean out my closet so I can actually fit the clothes I wear in there rather than keeping them in the laundry room. I’m going to have to be ruthless. If I haven’t touched it in the last few months and it’s not seasonal wear like a coat or special occasion dress – it’s gone!

3. Clean up my Pampered Chef paperwork and get everything set for the seven January cooking shows I have scheduled! Right now, I shoved everything in my bag from the last show I did a few weeks ago and it’s a mess. Besides – there will be new guest and host specials by January and I’ll have to get those printed out and organized.

4. Work on my taxes. OMG – I’m totally dreading this. Other than putting all my receipts in large ziplock baggies and throwing them in my office, I haven’t done much at all this year. Between my hubby and I we need to organize taxes for four businesses, plus our personal stuff – EEK! You would think one of these years I would learn.

5. Clean out the laundry room. Granted, once I clean out my closet that will help since I’ll have space to get some of that stuff out of there. But the hubby and kiddo also need to clean out their closets for this to work. And then I can actually get to the stuff that belongs in there to clean it up…lol!

6. I’m scared to even write this one because just the thought of it makes me shudder in fear – clean my office. (Insert scary screams and anguish noises here.) Let’s just say my office is, well, scary. It’s going to take a lot of work to organize and a lot of help from the hubby and kiddo, and possibly a lot of butterscotch martinis to build up strength…lol.

7. I’d like to look into refacing our cabinets. They are really dark wood that is probably original to the house, and I’ve seen some friends who have redone them on their own – either painting over them or just stripping them down to he wood grain. That would do wonders for my kitchen as well as the bathrooms!

8. Need to get my carpets cleaned. Pretty self-explanatory on that one :)

9. Need to clean up my computer. You know, clean out old emails that aren’t needed any more. Clean up my contact lists and delete old files I no longer need.

10. I have cover flats from each of my books that I wanted to get framed and hang up, along with my first royalty check and the first dollar I ever made from writing. Okay, I cashed the check and asked for a crisp dollar bill, but that counts! I’ve never gotten them framed and I’ve never hung them up. I need to do that – but I have a feeling the cleaning of the office needs to come first since I need to find them AND I need to actually be able to reach the walls of my office to be able to hang them up…LOL!

11. I need to clean out my laptop bag. I’m almost scared to stick my hand in there any more. No, nothing gross, but over time you build up receipts, business cards, notes to yourself, mail, and other bric a brac you drop in there. I usually clean it out once a month, and when it gets tough to get the laptop in there, you know it’s time once again.

12. Now that the holidays are nearly here, I’ll most likely need to clean out my fridge when all this is said and done. It’s not bad yet, but you know how the holidays pack them full!

13. Raise a toast to myself if I get all twelve of these done! :)

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