Thursday Thirteen – 18th Edition

Thirteen Things about Tina Gerow

– In honor of my Birthday tomorrow – 13 Things I Would Like to Do Before My Fortieth Birthday Next Year –

1. Meet Matthew MacFadyen. (Hey, if I’m going to dream, it’s going to be big!) Dinner and getting great seats for one of his plays would be terrific to throw in there too! And, of course, after dinner drinks. Sorry, can’t be more that, I’m a happily married woman! So, Matthew, if you’re reading this, feel free to email me and we can set up a time/place for dinner

2. Visit Ireland & Scotland. I’ve always been fascinated by these two places, the culture, the castles and the beauty.

3. Have one of my books hit the New York Times Best Seller’s List.

4. Have one of my books hit the USA Today Best Seller’s List.

5. Go on a cruise. (I’ve never been on one)

6. Find a comfortable pair of sexy heels that I can wear for more than a few hours without wanting to go barefoot. I’m still convinced this is an urban legend, but hey – a girl can dream!

7. Have one of my books made into a movie!

8. Have enough income so money is never again a worry.

9. Hit my perfect weight (for me – screw those doctor’s charts! I’ll stick with where I feel good and healthy) and be able to stay there.

10. See Garth Brooks in concert. Did you read that, Garth? Phoenix, not Kansas! LOL.

11. Take a long girl’s weekend with my friends to somewhere fun!

12. Write and sell at least four books this year!

13. Make peace with the big four-oh before I get there in one year and one day.

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