What do you mean, it’s December?!?


I’m not sure about anyone else, but I just got really comfortable with the fact that it’s 2007, and now we only have a few short weeks left until I have to learn to write 2008 on my checks!  What the heck?!?

Probably added to that is that both my husband’s and my birthday are this week.  He’s going to be thirty, and he’s having major stress over it and I’m going to be…gulp…thirty-nine!!  I know, it’s just a number, etc, etc, but I just got used to being in my thirties!!  LOL.

Oh well.  On a bright note, I’m still working on Triangle of Seduction and still hope to have it done by the end of the month, even though I’m a little behind.  Still no cover or any other news on Visions of Seduction, which is due out in June, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know more!

If you’re stopping by, please leave a comment and don’t forget to sign my guestbook :)

Well, off to find a birthday card for my hunky hubby and then to write.  What is everyone else doing today?

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