Thursday Thirteen – 17th Edition

Thirteen People I Would Like to Have Dinner With (Not All At the Same Time! LOL) byTina Gerow1. Matthew MacFadyen. Besides being a hunky actor with a sexy accent, I’ve enjoyed watching his movies and TV work – and would LOVE to get out to London to see him in a play. I’ve also read several interviews he has given. I think there is some deep introspection there which would make for excellent conversation, and he has one of those personalities (from what I can deduce from his public persona) that is easy going, humble and fun. He seems like someone with a great sense of humor and a unique view on life. So, Matthew, if you’re reading this, feel free to email me and we can set up a time/place for dinner 2. Jane Austen. How fascinating to talk to another woman writer, and one who blazed the trail for the freedoms of my profession that I enjoy today! I’m sure she would be interested, and most likely surprised by the effect she has had on all of us.

3. Johnny Cash. A legend in the music world, but also a rebel in his own time and a down to earth person. He would probably have some great stories to tell!

4. Sherrilyn Kenyon. I’ve met Sherrilyn when she came to speak at Desert Rose last year, when we both spoke at the Southern Magic RWA conference earlier this year and at Nationals a few years ago. But I think to be able to sit down and chat with her one on one would be fascinating. She’s a sweet lady and has thrived in this business by building a fan base one reader at a time—including me! I LOVE the Dark Hunter novels!

5. William Shakespeare. I think he would be a hoot to have dinner with. He was quite the saucy guy in his day, and a fellow author, although I somehow don’t think my books will be as widely remembered as his…LOL!

6. Sir Anthony Hopkins. I’ve loved his movies and I’ve always enjoyed interviews he has given. He has that soft gentlemen’s quality, but you can tell there is a fascinating man behind that polite façade!

7. Princess Diana. What a tough transition it must’ve been to suddenly have to conform to all the restrictions of royalty. I can’t even imagine being in her shoes, but she would have some fascinating insights to share.

8. Mel Brooks. I love his movies and have passed on that love to my son. I’ve seen several interviews with Mel and he strikes me as someone I could talk to for hours.

9. Franklin Roosevelt. He was such a pivotal figure in history, I would love to pick his brain and hear the history of that time through his perspective.

10. Garth Brooks & Tricia Yearwood. Love both their music, and I think it would be fascinating to hear about their struggle to make it in the tough music biz.

11. Jon Stewart. The host of the Daily show, which is a political satire talk show, for those of you who aren’t familiar. He’s a riot, but he meets so many political figures, celebrities etc, again—he has to have some great stories. And you know he would have a great sense of humor.

12. Margaret Thatcher. The first and to date only female British Prime Minister. I’d love to talk to her about being a woman in a traditionally male role (at that time.) Her challenges, her triumphs and who she really wanted to tell off…LOL!

13. Ron Howard. I’d love to hear about his experience as a director. He’s done some powerful movies and has met some fascinating people.

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